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You need a website to remain competitive in business in the 21st Century. If customers cannot find you online, you are leaving their money on the table. 86% of consumers consult the internet first before making a purchasing decision. Now, what if you could have your own website and not break the bank getting it? Keep reading to find out more.

What You Get:

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A Fully Tailored Website

This is the real deal: A fully responsive, fully functional, mobile-ready site of your very own! Basic Search Engine Optimization is included for your new business website.


A Hosting Plan

You need a place for your site to go. With my special connections, I can get you a cheap business websites discounted rate for 3 years.


A Domain Of Your Choosing

Your very own .com (or .biz, .co, .org etc) will be yours free for one year. After, it is a very low yearly fee.

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Unlimited E-mail Addresses

Get unlimited e-mail addresses!


Mobile Ready

Your site will be ready to be viewed on Smart Phones!


You will be able to leverage the power of the largest search engines with your own business listings. You will get social media accounts to interact directly with your customers and channel new business. You will also be able to access tools that give you the demographics and behaviors of your site visitors. All of this will be in your name, thus avoiding a secret trap that too many other designers use to extort outrageous fees. If you need to update your site in the future, with a very small hourly cash outlay, your site will be updated with whatever you need.


What I’m About

Now, as a shrewd business person, I would not ask you to take just my word for it. Visit my Facebook Page and contact my previous clients. Go ahead, I don’t mind. The reason being is that I am certain they will give me glowing recommendations because I have increased their brand awareness and supplied unparalleled customer service, all at the lowest price. I have taken many by the hand and guided them through the greatest practices for putting their best foot forward on the internet.


Gabroy 2 has been in business for over three years in South Louisiana. I took what I learned working at a multi-million .com in California and have applied it, making dozens of sites for small businesses and individuals around the country.

While over a dozen sites might not seem like a lot, clients are carefully chosen based on two factors:

1) They have a realistic expectation of the time and energy it takes to create a beautifully streamlined site.

2) They understand that a website is not a cure all for bad business practices.

With this understanding, it is company policy to create a site before money changes hands. It is proven that communication and realistic expectations are what make successful relationships in business as well as in life. Because of this, a majority of the sites that were made were repeat clients.

More Services

Web design is not the only service being offered:


PPC Advertising

Expertly executed Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns on several of the most visited platforms on the web.


Search Engine Optimization

While the sites we create together come with basic Search Engine Optimization, specialized SEO can vastly increase your site’s presence and make sure it comes up on the first page of virtually all the major search engines.


Media Production

Professionally done audio and video to increase brand awareness.


Real World Materials

Business cards, flyers, postcards, mailers, and signs, can be printed and sent right to your door.

In Closing

You have nothing to lose and really, everything to gain. The worst case scenario is that you make a call or write an e-mail, your site gets built, and you do not like it. That’s it. There are zero obligations to buy and, quite frankly, I would not want you to if you are not 100% satisfied with the mockup. However, when you get a site from me, your only problem is going to be that you did not get started six months ago. Sound fair enough? Please, fill out the form below or call 504-300-9112 to receive your free, no-obligation quote.

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